Git your sh*t together


Git your sh*t together

If you are applying for a developer job, you’ll have to provide a portfolio of some kind, demonstrating your capabilities and previous work. All of that is mostly done by providing the company with a link to your GitHub account. That process has been active for a couple of years now so why not beautify it?

If you are busy over your head and you don’t have time to create a fancy website with your portfolio, here’s your solution.

What if I told you that you are a couple of clicks away from a beautiful GitHub showcase which’ll catch the eye of almost every company?

Gitshowcase is an open source project created by Victor and Pedro. You might be asking yourself: how exactly does it work?

Well it works rather simple. Clickety click click click and your GitHub account and repos get imported by Gitshowcase and displayed in a minimalistic and beautiful way. If you are lacking money, you’ll be able to share your Gitshowcase through a domain generated by them but my suggestion would be to actually pay the small fee, support the developers and get yourself a custom domain.

You can check out my showcase with my lame projects right here, just so you have a small insight how it looks like.

If you’ve liked it, please hit the ♥ button. It is greatly appreciated and it’ll keep my motivation going. Also, I’m open to constructive criticism.

By Ivan Černja

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