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Developing apps for the Chinese market


Developing an app for the Chinese market is quite a new set of challenges. Simply translating your app into Chinese won’t be enough. The first and foremost is the fact that China doesn’t have just two main stores like the rest of the world — Google Play for Android and the iOS app store (I’ll be disregarding the WP store for obvious reasons). China has over 300 app stores available to the public...

Codeanywhere | Node.js | Bulk e-mail via JSON


A quick guide to show you how to quickly send bulk emails from JSON via the Gmail FTP server. 5-10 minutes of time for a highly time-efficient solution. Let’s go! Go to File -> New Connection -> Container Select a name for your container -> Search for Node.js (pick either Centos or Ubuntu) -> Click on ‘CREATE’ Alright, let’s install some dependencies first. We do that by...

STEM ∞ MAKERbuino— DIY game console


Before we get started, Croatia is currently in an experimental phase of implementing the “STEM Revolution”. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines -science, technology, engineering and mathematics — which integrates the four subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. The project has currently raised about 100...

Git your sh*t together


Git your sh*t together If you are applying for a developer job, you’ll have to provide a portfolio of some kind, demonstrating your capabilities and previous work. All of that is mostly done by providing the company with a link to your GitHub account. That process has been active for a couple of years now so why not beautify it? If you are busy over your head and you don’t have time to create a...

You better test yourself before you wreck yourself — App Testing


You better test yourself before you wreck yourself — App Testing The first must-have is the specifications which describes what each thing in the app should be/is doing. Afterwards, backend has to write unit tests for parts which contain business logic and integrate them into their integration and deployment workflow. This is where unit tests come in handy. Unit tests should be written to test...

HTML say hello to Virtual Reality


A-FRAME is a web framework which gives you the possibility to integrate VR into your website! The possibilities are endless. As of this moment, it works on Vive, Rift, desktop and mobile platforms. It is a three.js framework that brings the entity-component-system pattern to the DOM. Quite simply, it allows you to create VR websites through which you can take a walk! You are only a couple of...

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